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Inbound Marketing Certification, Totally Worth It

If you've been following my blog or following me on Twitter, you've undoubtedly heard me talk about Inbound Marketing and HubSpot. HubSpot is the world's largest and best Inbound Marketing software platform and the authority on educational inbound marketing resources.


Many of these resources include training videos which are categorized into a series of Marketing Certification courses. Of the five total courses offered, the Inbound certification is far and away the most completed course and the most comprehensive. Oh, did I mention it is FREE!? Yes, I said FREE.


The FREE training sessions cover the fundamentals of the Inbound Marketing methodology. Learn how SEO, Landing Pages, Blogging, Conversion, Lead Nurturing, and Email marketing come together to form a modern Inbound Marketing strategy.

My message to you today is that if you're debating taking this course, or aren't sure if it is worth it, don't delay any longer. Allow me to tell you how beneficial it is to marketers of all ages and experience levels.


Tod Meisner


HubSpot Certifications Are Recognized The World Over

HubSpot has more than 11,000 customers in more than 65 countries. There's a greater than zero chance that you will come in contact with one of these customers in the near future. Being certified will give you instant credibility with them.


Getting Inbound Certified Is Just The Start

HubSpot offers five different online certifications. Once you are Inbound certified, it opens the doors to keep gaining more knowledge. Each subsequent class becomes more focused on the different aspects of Inbound Marketing. No matter if you are a marketing newbie or a seasoned veteran, there will be something relevant for you to learn from the classes that can be applied practically to your career.


Who Should Get Certified?

Marketers looking to round out their ‘digital’ skill sets.
Non-marketers who want to learn the fundamentals of inbound marketing.
Entrepreneurs building their businesses from the ground up.
College students looking for internships or full-time positions.


It May Get You That Next Job

We are preaching the good word of Inbound to our colleagues, employees, clients and potential clients each day. I can't stress enough that the more you know and learn about this methodology, the more you will be able to connect with one of the thousands of HubSpot users. Knowing the methodology and being certified may land you that next job. Hell, it may get you that next job with us at VPM.


If You Want To Work For VPM, You HAVE To Be Certified

To finish off what I mentioned in point No. 4, if you want to work for VPM you HAVE to be certified. You read that right, it's a requirement! Being proficient on HubSpot is vital to the work we do in-house for both ourselves and our clients on a daily basis. All new employees have a two week trial period to get Inbound certified.


If they can't, they're cut loose. If you apply with us and are already certified, you'll be moved to the top of the stack almost assuredly. What you do from there is up to you, but the more certifications you can stack up, the better chance you will have when you interview for that marketing gig you've always wanted.


Take it from someone who is twice certified and on his way to all five, taking these courses will be one of the most beneficial career moves you can make!