I began as an adjunct instructor and public speaker in 2017.

I've given numerous talks on branding, advertising, content marketing and digital media strategy. Whether it’s for a crowd of dozens or thousands, I bring energy and practical tips, leaving the audience entertained and informed.

I have also taught undergraduate and graduate level courses focused on social media campaigns and engagement, digital storytelling, and content marketing for Auburn University, University of Florida, New York University (NYU), Arizona State University, and West Virginia University.

I bring real world experiences to the classroom and combine them with sound methodologies to prepare my students as the next generation of marketing and branding leaders. 

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313 Podcast Appearance

It was a challenge to be on Ryan Foland’s podcast. He pushed me to be concise in my career storytelling. Getting uncomfortable is where you grow and I think that ‘push’ comes across in our conversation.

IMC WVU Marketing and Communications Today

Listen as I share my insights on digital media strategies and how it fits into today’s marketing communications arena.

Jason Falls Podcast

Awareness is one piece of the KPI puzzle. On this podcast, Jason Falls and I talk social media campaigns and engagement.

Integrate Online

Watch as I moderate a panel discussing how to define your personal brand to succeed and advance in your career. Before you look for that next career move, consider how you’re presented