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Top Social Media and Digital Marketing Certifications 

Each semester, I build professional development into lectures for my students. “Why?” you may ask. Well, as senior PR majors, nearly all of them are in the thick of the job hunt game, or soon will be. 


They’re normally eager for any practical advice as it pertains to landing that first job, or at least how to get ahead in the interview process. 


So, the first piece of advice I offer them is that in order to keep up-to-date with digital marketing trends, it is important to consistently learn new skills. They can gain these new skills by the plethora of social media and digital marketing certifications available online today.



Tod Meisner Digital Marketing


Many of these social media and digital marketing certifications are free for digital marketers who are looking to get ahead with their personal brand in the constantly-evolving digital space.


To become a top candidate for that first digital marketing job, these social media and digital marketing certifications will give candidates an edge with recruiters looking for the best marketing talent.


Don’t just take my word for it. A Marketing Hiring Trends Report indicates that 62% of marketers are hiring for growth and nearly all of them are hiring digital marketers. Yet, only 19% of people with those skills are looking for jobs.


This represents a significant digital skills gap creating high demand for people who can demonstrate those skills.


So how does one obtain these social media and digital marketing certifications that can clearly help you get hired in today’s job market? I’m glad you asked.


Tod Meisner


Below you can find a comprehensive list of both FREE and paid social media and digital marketing certifications easily available online today!


FREE Certifications

FREE HubSpot Courses

HubSpot Social Media Certification

Facebook Blueprint Courses 

Google Ads Certification   

Google AdWords Display

Google AdWords Mobile

Google Search Certification

Google Analytics Certification

Google Digital Garage

Fundamentals of Digital Marketing

YouTube Certification

Snapchat Advertising Certification

Twitter Flight School

SEM Rush Academy

Amazon Advertising

Adobe Help Tutorials

Canva Design School



Other FREE resources and courses to help you level-up

PAID Certifications

Cision University Program

Cision PR Software Certification

ConvertedU by Lead Pages

Facebook BluePrint Certification - $150 per exam

GetResponse Digital Marketing Certification - $199 per course

Hootsuuite Platform Certification - $99 

Hootsuite Social Marketing - $199

Hootsuite Advanced Social Advertising – $249

AMA Digital Marketing Certification - $349

Copyblogger Content Marketing Certification - $399

Academy of Influencer Marketing - $95

Advanced Social Media Strategy - $999

Digital Marketing Institute Certifications - $1,995 and up
Online Marketing Certified Professional – Varies


Whether you are a current marketing professional, a marketing professor, or a student looking to get hired, these recommendations should be useful to you. 


Tod Meisner Digital Marketing


Complete as many as you are able to use your newly gained skills and knowledge to get that first job, earn that sought after promotion or to remain on the cutting edge in your area of expertise. 


So what about you? What online social media and digital marketing certifications have you obtained that you’ve find to be valuable?



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