The Simple Life

Looking for an easy and actionable step to help you make 2022 the most productive year of your life? Pick your one word. Yes, one word. Author Jon Gordon and others have used this method to help people focus on just one simple word, instead of a daunting list of broken promises or unrealistic resolutions.


My one word for 2022 is “Dedicated.” I will continue to push myself in 2022 and get out of my comfort zone. 2021 was another positive year in my professional life, even in the continued pandemic. I try to continually expand my skillset and mindset. Obviously, it wasn’t easy most of the time, but my word kept me focused.

Tod Meisner One Word

Mirriam-Webster defines dedicated as “devoted to a task or purpose; having single-minded loyalty or integrity.” I also like this definition “exclusively allocated to or intended for a particular service or purpose.”


For me having dedicated as my word will keep me focused on what I know is important. That being my family, my teachings, and my work. I am dedicated to provide for my family, dedicated to excel in my mentoring and teaching and dedicated to grow in my profession.

Easy as 1,2,3!

To choose your single word, you must have clarity and focus in your decision. You are moving toward the future rather than swearing off the past. It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3.

  1. Identify the person you want to become
  2. Identify the characteristics of that person
  3. Pick a word

Before you embark on this journey, a subtle warning: Don’t be surprised if living out your “one word” feels unnatural and awkward at first. Remember, the reason you want to focus on this word might be due to the fact that this characteristic may not currently be present in your day-to-day life.


Give it time and stay with it. Give it serious thought.


Follow the above steps and think about your one word for 2022. By focusing on one word and setting realistic goals in 2022, you will begin to believe in yourself like never before. You will be on your way to becoming the best version of yourself.

One Word Tod Meisner

Support, Challenge and Celebrate
Be honest and challenge yourself in 2022. You can’t grow as a person if you aren’t honest with yourself. You must know yourself to lead yourself, and you must challenge yourself without being too critical of yourself. In 2022, begin to believe in yourself without being prideful. Give yourself some grace for a tough 2021 and an ongoing pandemic.


We’re imperfect people striving for perfection. We have to learn to celebrate our progress again in 2022. Perfection isn’t possible. But, a constant effort and a constant celebrating of our progress is possible. The more we celebrate our progress, the more progress we’re likely to make.


Consistently focus on your word this year. Use it to be intentional in your actions and not accidental. Use the word and your goals to challenge yourself to become the best version of you.


Work to celebrate the transformative progress you make in 2022. The psychological encouragement that comes from knowing that we are actually making progress is incredibly powerful. Yearn to make progress and feel that psychological encouragement.


What’s your One Word for 2022?