Digital Marketing

It may be hard to “un-boring” your service (think engineering, finance, banking, etc.) but it’s not about making something that isn’t flashy, into something flashy. Rather, it’s creating content and offers that compel people to want to learn more about how your business can solve a particular problem. Inbound marketing for boring industries is all about producing educational content that shows you are the trusted resource in the industry.


Digital Marketing

In the last few years, live-stream video apps have emerged as the shiny new toy in the marketing toy box. First it was Periscope and now we have Facebook Live and many other apps. It's the same idea behind them, enabling anyone with a mobile device to broadcast and share life’s experiences live. As with any new medium, marketers are quick to get on the action so they're marketing where their customers are. 


They will also puff out their chests as early adopters. There is nothing wrong with brands or agencies recognizing the possibilities of these apps and wanting to be quick to reach their customers, but we would like to preach caution. Substance is important. Strategy is important.


Don’t just add to the fire hose of live content, add substance to it. Create content opportunities that separate yourself from your competitors. Make sure the content is relevant to your brand and creates exciting ways for your customers to engage.


Below is a short list of live-stream video marketing tips that can help brands engage with customers in ways that, until recently, were not possible.


Tod Meisner


Product Demos 

Live streaming of product demos is an extraordinarily effective method for boosting conversions. These apps offer the possibility to change the way webinars are consumed by allowing users to save and view the videos on demand, specifically with Periscope. Customers in the consideration stage may want to view your product several times before moving to the decision stage. While services such as EasyWebinar also allow you to save webinars and videos for a later date, they come with an annual fee that you may not want to pay.


Hosting Interviews 

Conducting interviews can go a long way in building your brand image. If you are interacting positively with other experts in your field or even customers, your brand will be looked upon more favorably. Tap into these sources and give customers an opportunity to hold a dialogue with your brand.


Q&A Sessions

Piggybacking off the last tip, Q&A sessions are another way to communicate directly with your customers. These sessions are a great way to clarify any points of confusion that may be negatively weighing on your brand and is another sign of brand transparency. Live-stream apps also allow for a more organized Q&A session than say a Twitter chat or forum, which have character limits and timing inconsistencies. For these sessions, brands can again choose subject matter experts that will deliver clear and educated messages to your customers.



Behind-The-Scenes Access

Exclusive, behind-the-scenes content is one of the most significant ways these apps can give brands an edge. Trade shows are still a major player for many brands. Live-stream video apps can give customers around the world an up-close and personal view of major trade shows where your brand is featured. You can also feature “how it’s made” type videos. These will show customers the ins and outs of your product from a point of view that may have otherwise been hard to showcase.


Improve Transparency

Lack of trust has traditionally been a problem that brands face when trying to market to customers online. The trend appears to be shifting as brands engage better with customers over social media. Companies must still work hard to earn their customers’ trust. Using live video can help with transparency. You will be seeing the face of and speaking directly to brand representatives. This will help build customer trust. I can't stress enough that adding substance is critically important when considering how to integrate live-video content.


Brands today should think strategically about whether live-streaming adds any benefit to their marketing efforts. I've help craft ways to help brands seamlessly integrate the power of this new medium with traditional forms of media and advertisement that has produced great results. If you want to learn more, drop me a line!